Empowering Your Partner in Chronic Pain

Live better together…


Chronic pain is one of the most difficult issues to manage in the health care arena today. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about pain itself, as well as how to live a meaningful life if it doesn’t get better or go away.

There is a lack of knowledge about what you and your partner can do for yourselves beyond medications and physical therapy prescribed by physicians.images-1

Partners of people with pain, as well as the pain patient themselves, often feel powerless
in the face of pain. Even though they themselves are not experiencing pain, partners are living with it through the person they care about. The miss the things they used to be able to do together, the ongong battle of trying to make the pain better, getting the care they need from their healthcare providers, and having to live a life that revolves around pain.

Spouses often feel as powerless as their partner who has chronic pain.

This photo of two leaves can be found on posts and pages in this website. There are two leaves, one is healthy and green and one is brown and crumbled, but they are together, afloat on the same pond.

This is not a website that will offer medical advice, or things like information about medications or therapies for pain. Instead, I hope to offer ideas, understanding and encouragement to empower you and your partner who has chronic pain.

American Chronic Pain Association

American Pain Society

National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Society

U.S. Pain Foundation


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