Empowering Your Partner in Chronic Pain

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Understanding Pain

Retrain Your Brain to Relieve Your Pain  Jennifer Gait, RN. A nurse who had chronic pain shares how she was able to hea herself from pain.

To learn more about this, watch this 9 minute YouTube video: Nerve Pathways in Chronic Pain. It talks about how all pain is caused in the brain, and how we all have “No Pain” pathways that can be turned off by knowledge, control, and confidence. Dr. Mike Blumenthal

Central Sensitization Syndrome video talks about how pain sensations get “upregulated” in chronic pain. This means whatever the initial cause, pain sensations get stronger and stronger, even though unrelated to the original injury or cause. No part of the process is psychological, nor did you bring this upon yourself.  Dr. Sletten

Pain Associations

US Pain Foundation advocacy

American Chronic Pain Association

American Pain Society

National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Society

U.S. Pain Foundation

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