Myths About Pain

Which of the following myths about pain are actually true?

Myth 1:  The person in pain has control over their pain.

010painMyth 2:  Medications are the only truly effective treatment for pain.

Myth 3:  If you use opioid (narcotic) medications for pain, the chances are high that you will become addicted.

Myth 4:  If a person looks fine, they are not experiencing pain.

Myth 5:  You can judge a person’s level of pain as well as they can, just by looking closely for clues, like facial expressions and body movements.05pain

Myth 6:  Exercise will worsen pain in the long run.

Myth 7:  Most people who say they have pain are exaggerating it just to get attention or sympathy from other people.

Myth 8:  People with pain should push themselves in order to get things done.

Myth 9:dog-pet-pug-black-lying-ground-rest-tired  People who have experienced acute, short term pain can understand what it is like to have chronic, long term pain.

Myth 10:  Caregivers to people who have chronic pain do not experience depression or need breaks from caregiving, since they are not the ones with chronic pain.

You should have guessed by now:


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