Possible activities you can share with your partner in pain will vary greatly depending on the type of pain, how your partner is feeling, their emotional state, and many other variables.

This is a list of a few suggestions to promote relaxation and emotional well-being. Do not attempt any new activity without prior discussion with your health care providers. 

 Low Intensity Activities

Soak in a bathtub together with candles lit in the room.images-1

Go somewhere unusual and take photos.

Lay in the sun and listen to birds.

Do something totally spontaneous.

Get a manicure, pedicure together.

Go to a planetarium.

Stroll through an antiques shop.

Go to a book club meeting at your local library.

Buy a coloring book and colored pencils, and work on them together.

download-2Go to an uplifting movie or live comedy show.

Lay together in the grass at a park, looking at clouds, recalling past times of fun.

Listen to your favorite oldies music together in front of a fire.

Take a painting class.

Make root beer floats.

Do a jigsaw puzzle.

Hang out in a book store or library.images-8

Start a blog on a topic you are passionate about.

Play a board game.

Attend a religious service.

Learn a musical instrument.


Feed the ducks at a local pond.

Write in a journal.

Go to a cafe for coffee.

Take one of your parents on a date.

Renew an old friendship.

Start a collection of something (shells, coins, rocks).

images-6Play cards with friends.

Try geocaching (go to geocaching.com).

Learn origami.

Do crossword puzzles.

Read to the elderly in a nursing home.

Blow bubbles with your kids or grandkids.

Sit and watch a sprinkler party for your kids or grandkids.images-7

Read classic literature.

Find a labyrynth in your community and walk it.

See a movie at the local art theater.

Watch children play in the park from a comfortable bench or a blanket.

Look at old photo albums.

Crochet or knit (yes males can do this too) funny little animals.

Put a blanket out in your yard at night and stargaze together. Eat popcorn while doing it.

Write a poem together about your funniest relative, your oldest friend, or a memorable event in the past.

Go online, and find songs with lyrics that you both like, and sing together.

Keep in mind, when attempting an activity with a person who has pain issues:


Do discuss new activities with your physician beforehand, no exceptions.

Do choose activities that suit the pain issues and their physical condition.

Do be encouraging and positive.

Do start slow, with easy activities, and work up slowly towards those that are more strenuous.

Do be willing to try new things together.

Do look and listen for cues that they are overdoing it. They may push themselves too hard to make you happy.

Do focus on successes.


Don’t encourage them to push themselves too hard.

Don’t start out with strenuous or difficult activities.

Don’t give up if it didn’t go well the first time. Figure out why and try again.

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